Investment Fraud Claims

Many people sustained serious losses in the market over the past several years. Many of the losses of the result of fraud and mis-management of investment funds.

The first step is for a legal investment fraud expert to analyze the losses sustained in a brokerage account. Those losses can be evaluated against the existing market conditions during the relevant time. The expert will examine all the activity in the account: the commissions charged, the pattern of trading, securities recommendations, funds and stock sold to you by the broker. After this analysis a determination can be made whether fraud occurred and whether investments in the account were suitable.

Most investors who discover they have been de-frauded opt to go to arbitration to recover some of the losses. The arbitration process is quicker and less expensive than resorting to the courts, although that is sometimes necessary. Nearly 55% of matters brought for arbitration result in some sort of award. The average award is approximately 60% of the documented loss.

Our attorneys specialize in maximizing the recovery for your loss. They will consult with you for free and usually take your case on a contingency fee basis- meaning you do not pay the legal fees unless the attorney recovers for you. We invite you to contact us for a free, no risk consultation with a lawyer handling stock and investor fraud matters. Nationwide.

If you have experienced investment losses contact us to review your legal options.

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